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Love enjoying your meals at Wendy’s? I am sure, you would. Wendy’s is one of the most loved and the most popular fast-food chains of restaurants in the United States and all over the world.


People are just in awe of the services of Wendy’s and of course their food. But, Wendy believes that they have a lot more to offer. Thus, they have introduced a customer satisfaction survey termed as TalktoWendys on their online survey portal.

TalktoWendys Survey hardly takes any time for every participant to complete, and in turn, offers some decent amount of rewards by Wendy’s. Also, your participation in the TalktoWendys Survey ensures the enhancement in the customer satisfaction level on your next visit to the Wendys.

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TalktoWendys Survey Requirements

Some of the requirements that are needed to be taken care of to conduct the TalktoWendys  Survey smoothly are as follows:

  • The very basic and the most important requirement to conduct this survey is an electronic device like a mobile phone or a computer with an updated web browser.
  • You will also require a stable and good internet connection, as this survey is conducted online.
  • Also, you will have to enjoy the services of Wendys at least once to give your reviews in the best possible way.
  • Your few minutes from the precious time of your life.
  • The last and the very important requirement of this survey is your honesty while answering the questions.
Official Name TalktoWendys
Conducted By Wendys
Language English and Spanish
Purpose Survey
Country United States

TalktoWendys Survey Participation Steps

It is extremely simple to survey the online survey portal. You just need to follow some very simple and basic steps to complete this online survey successfully. Have a look at the survey participation steps below:

  1. Firstly, enjoy your meals at any of Wendy’s stores in the United States.
  2. Now, when you get your purchase receipt, make sure that the survey code is printed on it.
  3. After you get your purchase receipt, visit the official website of the survey at from your favorite web browser. We recommend Google Chrome though.
  4. Now, as soon as you land on the website, you will be asked to select the language in which you conduct this survey. You can select from English or Spanish. The default language of the survey is English. You can change it to Spanish by clicking on the Espanol button there.
  5. Now, you will have to submit the details like the date and time of the visit, store number, etc. You will find those details on your purchase receipt.
  6. After you submit the details correctly, tap the button that reads “Start”. This click initiates your survey.
  7. Now, you will be redirected to the new page. After the page is fully loaded, you will see a questionnaire that asks you some questions regarding your last visit to the Wendys. You need to answer these questions correctly. Please, note that your survey will be considered completed only when you answer every question honestly.
  8. After you answer all the questions, you will be asked to enter your contact details. These details help Wendy’s to contact the lucky winner of the TalktoWendys Survey.
  9. In the end, you will be displayed a validation code. Kindly, note it down somewhere or take a picture of the same. You will have to validate it on your next visit to any of Wendy’s stores. You can claim your rewards only after validating this survey code.

TalktoWendys Survey Questionnaire

The participants wonder what are the questions asked in the TalktoWendys Survey. Well, this survey covers some very important factors that are purely based on customer satisfaction. Have a look at some questions asked in this survey below:

  1. How do you rate your overall satisfaction level at our premises?
  2. Did you like the quality of the products served at our premises?
  3. How was the staff behavior?.
  4. What score do you give to the cleanliness and hygiene of our stores?
  5. Did you face any sort of issue at our premises? If yes, then kindly explain in brief.
  6. How can we improve our services and food products?
  7. Do you recommend visiting Wendy’s to your friends and family members?
  8. How often do you visit Wendy’s?

Am I Eligible To Participate In This Survey?

Now, what is the eligibility criteria for participating in the TalktoWendys Survey? Wendys has clearly specified the eligibility criteria of this survey. Have a look at the same below:

  1. You must be a legal and recognized citizen of any of the 50 states of the United States.
  2. No kids are expected and allowed to conduct this survey. This rule clearly means that your age must be equal to or above 18 to conduct this survey.
  3. Kindly, avoid participating in this survey if you are an employee or a family member of any employee of Wendy’s.
  4. You must be able to provide proof of citizenship whenever asked by the Wendys.
  5. You must have visited and enjoyed the services of Wendys at least once if you wish to answer the questionnaire of the TalktoWendys Survey.

TalktoWendys Survey has been receiving an overwhelming response and a great amount of love since the first day of its introduction in the market. This survey is an opportunity for the customers to make sure that every concern and opinion is taken into consideration by Wendy’s management team.

This survey allows Wendy’s administrators to analyze the customers’ expectations, needs, and wants and fulfill them in the best and the most efficient way. This survey holds high importance for the management team of Wendys. Thus, they expect that every participant will be honest with every survey answer. It is necessary to note that, your every answer will deeply impact the services of Wendys on your future visits to the same.

Thus, if you love Wendys, then you should definitely visit the official website and conduct the TalktoWendys Survey without wasting a minute. Peace!